Previous Years

Geata Arts was founded in 2017 by a group of artists and creatives to bring street performances and art

spectacles to Clonakilty and surroundings. The Samhain17 festival was the first event and street parade Geata Arts organised. Since then, Geata Arts has evolved and gained more experience and besides organising, creating and curating the annual Samhain festival, have also made a name for themselves in creating and performing incredibly unique and spectacular street art events and performances.   

All costumes and props are handmade and Geata Arts pride themselves in using solely natural or recycled materials. They invite and include local and national artists as well as any interested member of the community to take part in the creation and performance of the parade. 

Each year, the parade has a different theme highlighting a different aspect of Samhain and ancient Ireland. Every year, the festival program also grows and expands, bringing incredible talks, events, music and shows around Irish mythology to Clonakilty.


The theme of Samhain17 was "Extinct Ireland". The parade had 5 sections, each representing an ancient Irish animal that has gone extinct: the great Irish Elk, the Brown Bear, the Wolf, the Auk and the Grey Whale. The parade was followed by an incredible drum and fireshow on Emmet Square.


In 2018 the Samhain Festival teamed up with the Clonakilty Arts Festival and ran from Thursday 1st of November until Sunday 4th of November.

The festival theme was “Away with the Faeries” and the parade showcased figures, creatures and mythologies of the 4 different fairy realms of Celtic mythology. The parade had 4 different sections, each representing a different “realm” associated with one of the elements water, fire, earth and air. The parade set off on Astna Square and moved through the main street of Clonakilty on to “Emmet Square” where we assembled for a massive drum and fire show.  

Samhain19 is funded and supported by: