Call for Artists

If you are an Artist or Art Collective and would like to get involved in our future Samhain festivals, please contact us at and pitch us your ideas


Creative Workshops

We hold open creative workshops every Tuesday from 7-9 pm in the Clonakilty Community Arts Center on Astna Square. Everyone is welcome to come along and help us make our spectacular costumes and props for our parade and festival. 


Join the parade

We would love if you would like to be an active participant in the parade. 

The parade itself is curated and pre-organised in detail by Geata Arts, but we have a Puca section, in which we invite everyone who would like to join the parade to  come up with their own interpretation of our yearly theme, create their costumes and props and join the fun.

Please come to our open workshops at the Clonakilty Arts Centre or join our Facebook Group "Samhain19 supporters and helpers" so we can give you all necessary information 

Samhain19 is funded and supported by: